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Laser Hair Removal Specialist

San Jose Medical Spa

Medical Spa located in San Jose, CA

San Jose Medical Spa is the authorized provider of GentleMax Pro®, the state-of-the-art laser hair removal system by Syneron Candela. Patients who live in the area of San Jose, California, come to the facility to receive the highest quality, cosmetic spa services available.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

For many patients, shaving is one of the most tedious parts of the beauty routine. It can even cause pain from nicks and cuts. Waxing, tweezing, and creams can be even more painful and offer limited results.

Despite best efforts to keep the hair away, it's constantly growing back, becoming prickly and later unsightly if we don't address it quickly. It affects our confidence, our comfort, and our ability to be intimate. Laser hair removal permanently reduces unwanted hair, leaving you with results that last.

How does laser hair reduction work?

There are numerous laser hair reduction devices in the market today, and they are definitely NOT the same in terms of efficacy, comfort, speed, and safety.  At San Jose Medical Spa, we utilize Syneron Candela’s GentleMax Pro®, which is known to be the best permanent laser hair reduction device on the market today. It houses both Alexandrite and Yag lasers to ensure highly effective results and can safely treat all skin tones. For additional comfort, the GentleMax Pro uses cooling burst of liquid cryogen through it's patented "Dynamic Cooling Device" technology.  We even have the optional large 24-mm treatment spot size which allows for the fastest possible hair removal!

The laser destroy hair follicles deep within the skin and leaving the surface smoother. For some, removing large areas of hair is desirable. The laser can treat large areas of skin to remove unsightly hair. Others may have persistent dark or coarse hairs that keep coming back in places like the upper lip or chin. The laser treats every single follicle with precision, leaving the rest of your skin untouched. Whether you have unwanted hair on your face, back, chest, arms, underarms, legs, or bikini area, we have the best solution for you. 

What are hair removal treatments like?

Our advanced equipment is adjusted based upon the color, thickness, and location of unwanted hair. Your laser treatment specialist moves the device over the surface of your skin in the desired area. The amount of time depends on the size of the area and type of hair, but most sessions last less than 30 minutes. Schedule a consultation to learn more about your custom treatment plan.

How do you prepare for a laser hair removal session?

Because the procedure targets the follicle and the hair's root, you should avoid plucking, waxing, or electrolysis for at least six weeks leading up to the treatment.

What is hair removal recovery time like?

No recovery time is needed for laser hair removal treatments and most patients can resume normal activities immediately. However, you will be advised to avoid sun exposure, which may reduce the effectiveness of the treatments.